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Opserv provides excellent outsourced administrative services to start-up companies and high-level enterprises.

How it works: A skilled expert office manager tracks your growth processes and takes care of the administrative element of your company's operations, from manpower and welfare, to finance and all the fundamentals of office management.

Treating each client as unique and special, Opserv customizes a service package, tailor-made to meet the specific needs and requirements of your company.

By utilizing Opserv’s expertise to execute your administrative needs, you eliminate the customary costs and interactive obligations that arise from traditional employer-employee relations. You also buy yourself more time to focus on the really important matters: growing your business and further developing your technology.

How can Opserv help you to expand?

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Office Services

Obviously, an office cannot run itself. Every company needs office equipment and supplies, cleaning materials, tea, coffee and other refreshments, and so on. Suppliers need to know when and what to deliver. The infrastructure requires maintenance. Discounts on municipal taxes must be negotiated. Cleaners have to know when and what to clean. Petty cash, mail collection and so on all require efficient and effective management. When travelling to potential investors, all your hospitality and transportation needs are handled from A to Z. High level, multi-locational director’s meetings require accurate minute-taking and distribution. Opserv can do all this for you!

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Manpower and Welfare

Whoever said that a startup couldn’t or wouldn’t feel like a big hi-tech company? Professional, qualified and experienced, the Opserv administration manager is well-schooled in all procedures regarding employee admission and dismissal, social benefits and handling wage distribution as well as being proficient in tracking, screening and surveying employee placement, up to and including signing an employment contract. They’ll also handle less formal items, such as employee fun days and birthdays, and even traditional events such as Jewish New Year or Hanukkah. Such celebrations offer an extra dimension to an office, creating a warm atmosphere and a happy working environment.

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Insurances and Finance

All the headache of bookkeeping and payroll administration, dealing with the comptroller and the accountant on a monthly/annual basis, issuing invoices, supplementing items missing from the statement – we will handle everything! Your Opserv administration manager will present payments to suppliers and employees, with meticulously checked statements to the bank. You’ll also get a regular budget cash flow report, so that you’re constantly aware of your cash flow. Your Opserv administration manager will also ensure that the insurance agent takes out only the insurance policies you really need: professional liability insurance and insurance for the office, as well as directors and officers insurance.

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Business Accompaniment

f you think that setting-up a company is only a headache for your lawyer and accountant, then you are sadly mistaken. The many and varied tasks required to establish a company require comprehensive knowledge, vital experience, and much expensive time and resources. Instead of attempting all this alone, why not utilize the skills and capabilities of an Opserv administration manager? Your Opserv administration manager has the expertise to assist you in preparing and collating various applications and reports, whether to the Chief Scientist, private Angels and so on, as well as helping with employee options and shares registration.

About Opserv

Opserv was established in 2010, on the premise that administration, just like any other specialized profession, requires an essential understanding of the right know-how and professional skill, and must excel in efficiency and customer experience.

Over the years, the Opserv team of professional administrative managers has accumulated a wealth of expertise and proficiency within the fields of high-tech and finance. Our combined taskforce, with its extensive ties and skills, allows us to specialize in providing a wide spectrum of services for startup companies.

Opserv provides its customers with a permanent, accessible and stable solution of a highly experienced and capable administration manager. Our role is to relieve you of the endless dealings with the peripheral tasks of company operations, freeing up your precious time and resources to engage in business and technological development, and efficient advancement of commercial projects.

An outsourcing business model is extremely well-suited to high-level technology companies who prefer to contract out activities that are not the core of their pursuit. Outsourcing administrative management enables companies to obtain comprehensive, professional and skilled service, without incurring employer-employee obligations of any nature.

Opserv also offer the option of a one-time engagement, for such events as the process of relocating to a new office, establishing work procedures, defining internal roles and responsibilities, financial streamlining and so on.


Inbal Shlezinger - CEO and Founder - Inbal brings to Opserv a broad and varied skillset and depth of experience gained from extensive work in administration and operations. Among her previous positions, she includes Managing Director of Operations at both the "Bechora" house of investments, and the “Sie-El” insurance agency, (part of the "Danel Adir Yehoshua Ltd " group).

Her educational qualifications include business and economics studies at the Open University, and she has also attended numerous professional courses.

In addition to being an entrepreneur in various areas, her main area of expertise is administration. Inbal’s chosen field is the world of high-tech, and she specializes in the type of administrative management that caters to the specific needs of technological start-up companies.

Nothing gives Inbal more satisfaction than seeing a CEO, who has entrusted Opserv with his or her company’s administration, as they achieve their aspirations of company expansion and development, by launching a new version of their product, establishing a subsidiary company abroad or winning an international competition.


Our Customers

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OpServ and Inbal did a great job managing our administrative work during the
initial phases of our company up until now. She handled our contacts
excellently and our paperwork in a very fast and proactive manner.
Not only that, but she also helped us amazingly by taking care of the investor
relations reports and financial reports. She's been part of our team for four
years and has contributed a lot to Tradeo.
I would definitely recommend Inbal for her expertise, agility, professionalism
and work ethics. She has been a wonderful help and we couldn't have asked
for someone better

Jonathan Adest

We started working with Opserv after getting a very warm introduction from a mutual friend, Inbal was great working with, very fast we saw she understand the business, she knew things were going to happen before we know them!, she hires only top admins and always keeps a close look making sure everything is running smoothly. we really enjoyed our time together and she differently helped reduced the workload off me

I've been very impressed with OpServ for being detail-oriented, highly competent, and taking care of a range of important tasks for us. As soon as I make a request, I know it can be crossed off my list as done. Having a partner on which I can rely has been invaluable, and I highly recommend Opserv's services

Inbal and Opserv was working with Lingua.ly starting from the early stages of the company. From the beginning, she had a big impact on our day-to-day operations

By taking care of all administrative matters, they made sure that our administrative needs were covered and at the same time freed us to focus on the core aspects of the company

Apart from the professional aspect it also was a pleasure working with Opserv because of Inbal's upbeat, patient and always friendly personality. We would not hesitate to work with Opserv again in the future

המון תודה רבה על העבודה הטובה שעשית אצלנו ..
התשתית נבנתה על ידך כמו שצריך מה שהקל ומקל מאוד על העבודה של כולנו היום וייתכן מאוד שעוד נעזר בך בהמשך הדרך.
אני אשמח לשמור על קשר ולארח אותך לביקור במשרדים ובמפעל החדש שלנו וכמובן שאת יכולה להשתמש בי בכל פעם שתצטרכי לקוח מרוצה כממליץ.
שוב תודה על הכל ובעיקר על העבודה הנעימה מולך

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הזמינות, המענה המהיר שלך לכל פניה שלנו ואפילו בתנאי לחץ וחוסר זמן היו ללא סייג והוו מפתח להצלחת הפרוייקט.
שמעון גיימן - מ"מ מנכ"ל
קבוצת כרמלטון, מנהרות הכרמל בע"מ

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